Indonesian Retrospective

        On the first of July, after completing my exams, I flew off to Indonesia for a three week holiday. Equiped only with a few changes of clothes, several hundred dollars in travellers cheques and the Bible (The Lonely Planet's travel survival guide) I escaped the stresses at home in Sydney.

        The journey started in Yogyakarta on Java island where I met up with friends and saw the sites in and around the city. We then continued into Sumatra where we visited the Orangutans at Bukit Lawang, hung out at Lake Toba, and swam the surf at Nias Island before I ran out of time and headed for home via Medan.
        These pages were put together after I returned to Sydney and were composed as something of a retrospective diary of my travels. More than just a personal record of what I did, however, I hope that other people will read these pages and find them an interesting account of the country I visited and the things I saw.

  1. Yogyakarta

  2. Jakarta

  3. Bukit Lawang

  4. Lake Toba

  5. Nias Island

  6. Escape from Indonesia

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Please note that the opinions expressed are my own except where otherwise specified and that the way I saw things might not necessarily be how things are - remember that I was only in Indonesia for three weeks and these views were formed on only a short exposure to the country and its people. Created With TrueEdit