Mark's Exciting Photos from Queensland

Ok, since I'm too busy to make up an amusing web page for my 2 month adventure into deepest darkest Queensland, I'm putting this page up as a concession. Basically all you'll find here are some photos. Some of them screwed up in the scanning process and so aren't shown here for now, but I'll try and put 'em up as soon as possible.

All of these photos were taken with one of two disposable cameras, a normal one and an abnormal one (photos taken with the abnormal camera are wider than the other ones). Considering the general dodgyness of the cameras, combined with the fact that it was me taking the photos, the shots came out surprisingly well.

I suppose I better give some background for why I took these photos:
I worked in Brisbane at Festo from January 'till March as part of my Uni course, during that time I travelled around as much as possible and visited as much of the area around Brisbane as I could. These photos are some of many that I took during those travels

The Bulimba Ferry This is the ferry I caught from Bulimba, where I was living, to go up-river to Southbank.
Southbank Beach Brisbane doesn't have beaches - they have mud. To overcome this fact they have built a beach at Southbank... can't say much for the surf though..
Southbank Rainforest I didn't get to see the rainforest while I was in Queensland, this life-like replica wasn't much of a compensation.
Southbank Beach Here is the beach again. Ok.. so I had only just bought my cameras and felt like taking lots of pointless photos and generally acting "tourist-like"
Southbank Markets You can buy lots of cool cheap stuff at the Markets in Brisbane, I bought two shirts at these markets for $15 each! Mind you, my friends at uni keep telling me they look like pyjamas...

The Goldcoast
Goldcoast main beach This is the main beach at the Gold Coast - though there are better things to look at than sand..
Goldcoast Arches If you look past the shops, you can just make out this sign which, strangely enough, says "Goldcoast", at one end of the main mall
The Mall And this is the main bit of shops.. its a pretty scary place unless you have a credit card in your parents name..

Stradbroke Island
Stradbroke Rocks These are rocks
Chris and Jenni A rare photo of Jenni (left) whom I was staying with in Brinsbane and Chris (left) - a temporary Festo Queensland employee like myself.. 'cept Chris is from England and I am from Sydney...
Me and Jenn If you apply enough filters in photoshop you may just be able to make Jenn and myself in this photo (one must maintain a certain degree of net.anonymity).
Car on the beach On the East coast of Stradbroke island is the Pacific Ocean and not much else.. oh, and the beach is, like, really long and stuff

The Festo Picnic
Levi and Chris Drinking This is Levi (son of one of the technical consultants at Festo) and Chris having a skull-off
Mountain View After the picnic we went for a bit of a drive around the mountains (hills to you non-australians) and I took a lot of photos because I needed to use up the film in my cameras
Trees Another photo of trees
Goanna This is a Goanna which was quite tame - I get the idea it was used to being fed by the friendly picnickers

Levi's Photo Collection
Levis photo collection Levi figured out how to take photos with my dinky camera
Levis photo collection I taught Levi to chant skull, skull, skull! before downing his drink (though it came out more like ska, ska, ska). After this he spent most of the afternoon wandering around with no pants on... he'll make a fine engineer some day..

Oh, if you hadn't figured it out yet, to see a larger version of each photo: click on the little thumbnail version shown above.

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